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  1. 1.    Formulation of new non-Newtonian blood-mimicking fluid from polysaccharides and micro-particles for angiography imaging in a 3D-printed medical simulator
    RGMS Research Grant
    Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
    This project is looking for candidate with relevant Masters degree to pursue PhD level research on blood mimicking fluids. Blood-mimicking fluids are used in in-vitro flow measurement, such as Doppler ultrasound flow test devices and particle image velocimetry, and in medical simulator flow models. Medical simulators are crucial for providing effective healthcare in cases of high mortality and morbidity risk. This research focuses on blood mimic formulation for the simulation of medical treatment under angiography imaging. The development of blood mimic involves sample preparation, chemical analysis and testing at medical facilities. This project is in collaboration with Hospital Pengajar Universiti Putra Malaysia, Lönge Medikal Sdn. Bhd. and Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia.
    Dr Anis Suhaila Binti Shuib
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Full Time
    GRA is expected to perform research activities to develop new materials of blood mimic mixture for angiography imaging and analyzing the factors affecting the formulation. Research activities includes formulating the mixture of blood mimic, validating the image of blood vessels structure produced by the blood mimic formulated and verifying the tactile accuracy of the 3D-printed medical simulator produced by the blood mimic.


    • Perform critical literature review.
    • Plan and conduct related experiments for data collection.
    • Attend related seminars, workshops and trainings
    • Prepare documents for reporting the research progress and registering research intelectual property.
    • Publish research work in the form of conference presentation and journal manuscript.
    • Mentoring undergraduate students on the same project.
    • Adhere to the procedure outlined by Centre for Higher Degrees by
      Research (CHDR).


    • Fundamental knowledge and skills in science and engineering.
    • Willingness to learn multidisciplinary skills and knowledge
    • Ability to work independently
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • A strong sense of ethics and moral values
    • Good interpersonal skills to work within the team
    • Strong commitment and perseverance in conducting research
    Enquiries related to the project can be addressed to Dr Anis Suhaila Shuib through email: anissuhaila.shuib@taylors.edu.my
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  1. 1.    Investigating the Relationship of Positive Orientation and Distress Among Clinical and Non-clinical Individuals in Malaysia
    RGMS Research Grant
    Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
    We are looking for a Graduate Research Assistant (with intention to further Master’s study [full research] at Taylor’s University) to work on our research project. This is a 2-year research project based in Klang Valley.
    Dr Lim Hooi Shan
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Full Time
    Candidate is expected to collect data at different clinics and hospitals. Candidate should be able to work independently without much supervision.

    Data collection, data analysis, and preparation of the manuscript for publication

    -SPSS and AMOS (EFA, CFA and multiple regression)

    -Master English and Malay in both speaking and writing

    -Able to drive (willing to commute from one place to another)

    -Ability to speak in Mandarin and/or Tamil will be an advantage

    Kindly email to Dr Lim Hooi Shan (HooiShan.Lim@taylors.edu.my) should you require more information.
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